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Rectum examinetion: penetration with fingers and instruments.
I will admit, I could not wait for the exam to begin and my chance to see him naked. Michael took part in his school's football team holding the position of fullback and on the school's track team where he was involved in the art of discus throwing as well as numerous long distance events. Ten years of playing football and his career ceased in his sophomore year of school when Michael suffered a broken femur. This injury derailed the remainder of his football activities. Michael has maintained in body in tip top shape since high school. He is 5'10" tall, weighs 147 pounds and has a 30 inch waist. Michael's last exam was a sports physical while he was in high school so today's visit would much more thorough and adult in nature. Michael's body is kept in a natural state but as his chest has not sprouted hairs as of yet, it is fairly barren with a bit of a happy trail which descends into his loose fitting boxers. I rapidly moved through the steps of his exam which would ultimately lead to the removal of his boxers. When requested, Michael stood up and slipped them down and off. His penis, while still flaccid was in a bit of a semi-aroused state. As I examined his scrotum, I provided information to him about what I was doing and how it was important for him to continue on his own each month to examine his own testicles. His penis began to lengthen due to my manipulations.
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