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Authentic, real, genuine athletes, amateur males going through staged medical examinations and procedures. First prostate exam - all the grunts, moans, gasps and embarrassing erections.
Rectum examinetion: penetration with fingers and instruments.
David's body is naturally smooth, no chest hair development whatsoever with wisps of underarm hair. David has an uncircumcised penis and while I fully meant to examine it in its repose, I was never able to do so. Upon removing his boxers to start the genital exam, David was already in a semi-rigid condition. I few harmless and casual bumps against his maleness and I was rewarded with a fully aroused penis. David's penis curves in a large, downward arch, one in which his female companions must have found as a desirable position to give him oral gratification. I instructed David in the self-testicular exam procedures before instructing him to return to the examination table. Positioning him onto his hands and knees, I first palpate his spine and lower back, noting how barren and devoid of hair the crevice between his buttocks, truly is. Parting his buttocks ever so slightly, the pink flesh of his anus displayed itself. David was an exceptionally docile patient and while it was first time to be examined in such a manner, I was able to fully inspect and probe his rectum with first my finger and then an anoscope. His penis was freely leaking seminal fluid which, while it still gave him discomfort, did allow for the easy insertion and collection of a urethral specimen. David concluded today's office visit in a solitary manner and produced a creamy white specimen for our laboratory.
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